Discover the world of emerging fashion-tech

Inkubatorn i Borås (Borås Incubator) is a DeFINE project partner. DeFINE – Developing a Fashion-tech Innovation Network for Europe – aims to identify startups with growth potential in fashion tech and assisting them with business development and commercialization support in an international context.

To inform startups and other stakeholders we host a series of one day events taking place across Europe’s emerging fashion-tech capital cities. Together with high-level profiles we will inspire and keep you updated on the latest progress in the i fast moving world of fashion-tech.

Borås is host of the event om March 21. During this day, you will hear from fashion and technology experts discussing the latest trends and issues impacting the fashion-tech industry. We will discuss how technology are driving change within production, materials, design, retail and marketing. Take the opportunity to network with fashion brands, technology specialists and business support experts!

Featuring some of the speakers:

Moderator Muchaneta Kapfunde. As an alumni of the University of Arts, Muchaneta has strong knowledge of the merger of fashion and technology. Muchaneta Kapfunde is considered to be one of the leading influencers speaking and writing about the merger of fashion with technology and wearable technology.

Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency, will be speaking on the trends and future of the fashion-tech scene. Matthew has worked with brands like Microsoft and designers to explore, research and pave the way for truly immersive experiences.

Marie Widén, Project Manager at Smart Textiles, will be exploring the concepts of consumer behaviour and business models to meet the future needs of the circular and sustainability economy in fashion tech.

What’s been your experience with Intellectual Property? Most startups find it challenging to get their heads around the complex matter. That’s why we’ve brought Paola Gelato, Partner at Jacobacci Law Firm, to share her knowledge on patents, trademarks and copyright for fashion tech companies.

Adrian Zethraeus is our own local star at Info Day Borås. Adrian has broad experience from the fashion business with particular focus on sustainability. Since 2015 Adrian is the project manager for Re:textile at Smart Textiles and Science Park Borås with the aim to enable circular economy for the textile and fashion industries.

Fredrik Timour is Innovation Manager at Swedish Fashion Council, in charge of globalization projects, digitization and new business models with a focus on fashion tech and innovation. He has a history in advertising and over a decade from the fashion tech industry.

Hrishikesh Rajan is the founder of TrusTrace – a Blockchain powered collaboration platform that helps establish transparency and product traceability between various stakeholders in the fashion industry. Hrishikesh is building technology solutions to help the fashion industry become more sustainable and circular.